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Sergey Kovalev vs Blake Caparello

Watch the opening New York City press conference for the March 14 title match between Sergey Kovalev and Jean Pascal. The below stream goes live at 2 p.m. Kovalev vs. Pascal takes will take place at Montreal’s Bell Centre and air on HBO.


Adonis Stevenson_Montreal Press Conference-0007

Photo Credit: Amanda Kwok/SHOWTIME

Light-heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson and challenger Dmitry Sukhotskiy formally announced their December 19 Showtime fight yesterday at the NRJ Bell Media building. This isn’t the ideal fight for Stevenson considering missed opportunities to face Sergey Kovalev and Bernard Hopkins this year. However, the light-heavyweight landscape will be a lot clearer by the time this bout takes place, giving it more meaning for Stevenson as he heads into 2015.

Filling out the card will be Andre Dirrell, Kevin Bizier vs. Jo Jo Dan, and Artur Beterbiev vs. Jeff Page Jr.


Adonis Stevenson_Montreal Press Conference-0008


My hand has healed from the injury when I fought Fonfara. I’m healthy and I’m ready to go.

Going 12 rounds was a good experience for me. I train for 12 rounds in the gym. Sometimes it’s good to go the distance and get the experience.

Everybody brings their A-game because I’m the champ.

I know I’m the king of the light heavyweight division and I know that everyone wants to take my belt. I’m going to train very hard.

Sukhotskiy is a tough guy and he’s hoping to surprise me. I’ll prepare, my hands will be perfect and it will be a short night on Showtime.


Jo Jo Dan_ Montreal Press Conference-0002


I’m hoping to fight with Kell Brook, but I’m concentrating 100 percent on the fight with Kevin Bizier. I’ve been waiting for this fight since I started boxing.

I know he’s learned some things and has more experience since our first fight. But I also know him better now than when we first fought, so I think it’s going to be an exciting fight.

If the knockout comes, it’s comes, but I always prepare for 12 rounds. If the chance is there, I won’t miss it. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t preparing for 12 rounds.

I train 100 percent and I’m sure he’ll be in the best shape of his life. We’re looking to make the fight of the year in Quebec.


Bizier_Dan_FaceoffMontreal Press Conference-0006


If I want to win the world championship then I need to prepare for the best and the toughest fight of my life against [Jo Jo] Dan.

It puts a little more pressure knowing that I could fight for a title if I win in December. But I’m focused on Dan and no one else. I’m just focusing on boxing. I’m not worried about stopping him.

I learned to be more relaxed after our first fight. In the first fight I was going for the KO. I’m going to try to be more relaxed and use my jab this time around.


Beterbiev_Page_Faceoff_Montreal Press Conference-0005


I’m not worried about getting another knockout. It all depends on the strategy of the fight. I’m going to fight until the last round.

With [Tavoris] Cloud I was preparing for 12 rounds and I could never have predicted that I would only box for four minutes. I was just doing my job and that’s what happened.

I’m going to be more motivated for this fight because he’s undefeated. Every fight I go in the ring thinking that I’ve already lost to my opponent before. That way I won’t take my opponent lightly.

The amateur career helped and I hope it will help me for the rest of my life. But at the same time I need to progress. I have a lot to learn in professional boxing and I’m looking forward to it.



No, I don’t think he’s overrated. He had a great amateur background and he went to the Olympics twice. He has beaten a lot of good fighters and he just beat Tavoris Cloud, so I think he’s a tough opponent.

I have great hand speed and great footwork, but I know I can’t run from him like everyone else has. I’m ready to exchange – I have great power myself.

I think him and his team are underestimating me, but I’m going to use that to my advantage. I’m going to come in and show him right away that I’m there to win, that I’m not an opponent.

Being an underdog is absolutely a motivator for me. Everybody back home is going to be watching. If I win this fight big things are going to start happening for me and my team. Everyone will know who I am.

I think my experience helps. He’s had a lot of amateur fights, but amateur and pro fights are a lot different. I’ve trained with a lot guys – I’ve been to Vegas, I’ve been to Chicago – and I’m getting ready to go to Big Bear. I have a lot of experience and I plan to use it.

I train for knockouts but I’m ready to 10 rounds.



Less than 10 fights into his pro career,  Artur Beterbiev has made a strong statement in the light-heavyweight division by decimating former titlist Tavoris Cloud in two rounds Saturday night at the Bell Centre.

Cloud had not been seen since a September 2013, seven-round drubbing at the hands of Adonis Stevenson. He looked no better tonight, sporting a visibly wider mid-section but reduced capacity for taking punches. Beterbiev took charge from the opening bell and put Cloud in retreat with powerful right hook counters.

Cloud’s downfall escalated during the inside exchanges, were Beterbiev battered him with right and left hooks to the tune of three knockdowns in the first round.

Beterbiev wrapped up the second round but cornering Cloud and putting him face-first on the mat with a left hook counter shot.

Beterbiev is now 6-0 (6 KOs). Cloud has lost three consecutive fights with the last two coming by knockout.


My God, this was ugly. This fight is probably the final nail in Cloud’s coffin as a contender. You can make the valid argument that he hasn’t won a fight since his June 2011 KO over Yusef Mack. Since then he’s received a robbery gift over Gabriel Campillo, given a boxing lesson from Bernard Hopkins, battered by Stevenson and now destroyed by Beterbiev. From the way Cloud was reacting to the punches, it was clear those difficult moments were taking him back to the Stevenson beating (and he wanted no parts of that type of fight).

A good team protects their fighter coming off a bad loss. The last thing you do is put him in with another puncher after a year out the ring. That tells me the team that helped guide Cloud to premium HBO dates has jumped ship, or is cashing him out as a gatekeeper.

As for Beterbiev, it looks like we might have another scary Eastern European bruiser in the division to join Kovalev.


David Lemieux breathed new life into his career with a brutal and efficient third round KO Saturday night on Showtime’s Stevenson vs. Fonfara undercard.

Billed as a crossroads fight, the fight was determined by durability. Both landed flush shots, but Lemieux’s hooks and power proved more damaging. Guerrero was cut badly over his right eye courtesy of Lemieux’s left hook, and tasted the canvas three times, the last coming via a brutal right uppercut.

The win raises Lemieux’s record to 32-2 (30 KOs). Going into Saturday night, Lemieux was ranked #7 by the IBF, #12 by the WBO and #13 by the WBC. In his post-fight interview, Lemieux confirmed his willingness to face the winner of the proposed WBO championship match-up between title-holder Peter Quillin and Danny Jacobs.


MONTREAL — Despite a dramatic 12-round that featured Jean Pascal flirting with a stoppage defeat, the former light-heavyweight champion dominated a tentative and overmatched Lucian Bute to a unanimous decision (118-110, 117-111 and 116-112) before a sold-out, hot crowd at the Bell Centre. Bute was the overwhelming crowd favorite, but the repeated “Bute!” chants couldn’t overcome Pascal, who although utilizing his fighting in explosive spurts pattern, also displayed skillful countering ability that kept Bute confused and domesticated.


PASCAL’S THREE KEYS: The initial four rounds were a chess match with Bute scoring well with his jab and Pascal doing solid work with hard right hands to the body. However, Pascal completely walked away with the fight starting in the fifth behind these three factors:

1. THE WEIGHT: The main reason I picked Pascal by decision is I felt he’d have hard time adjusting to the natural strength and durability of a career light-heavyweight. That proved to be the case as even the Pascal haymakers that didn’t land clean had Bute stumbling backwards and reluctant to counter. In addition, when Pascal did land clean, Bute froze and was driven to the ropes where Pascal would work him over with 7-10 punch combinations.

2. FOUR-ROUND FIGHTER NO MORE: I interviewed Pascal for Knockout Nation earlier this week, and he was emphatic in stating that his tactic of exploding in spurts was not due to bad stamina, but a strategy to demoralize and dominate his opponents. I admit, I kind of snickered at that, but it’s hard to deny it isn’t intentional and more importantly, not effective. Pascal would take Bute’s best shots and played possum long enough each time that Bute, and many times the crowd, would think he was actually hurt. Then in the span of a few seconds, it was Bute frantically stumbling back on his heels after eating left hooks and overhand rights, or covering up on the ropes after being spun around by Pascal.

3. JEAN JONES MAYWEATHER JR.: Roy Jones worked with Jean Pascal and was in his training camp for this fight. The results were evident in Pascal’s sharp lead right hand that many times stopped Bute’s offense cold. Pascal varied the punch as a counter shot too, fighting out of a shell and popping Bute right down the middle ala Mayweather whenever Bute got bold enough to lead (Note: Pascal also worked with the Mayweathers for this fight). To make it more embarrassing for Bute, in the latter rounds Pascal literally looked in the other direction while waiting for Bute to get in range before popping off a quick right hand.


UNNECESSARY DANGER: Pascal flirted with disaster the last two rounds by taking his possum strategy to the extreme. While it  seemed like he just took the 11th off, Pascal started the 12th by letting Bute wail away on him in a corner for over a minute. The ref was out of sight of the camera, but you could hear him state several times for Pascal to “show him something,” indicating he was close to stopping the fight. Pascal never seemed alarmed by this and would simply lift his head up and nod to the ref that he was ok.

Considering the dubious calls we’ve seen in situations like this, it’s incredible, and downright foolish, to see Pascal taking a risk like that in a fight he was dominating. Nonetheless, Bute had been conditioned enough by this point to expect a strong Pascal flurry, so he was hesitant to really go all out. Pascal did indeed manage a big flurry at the round’s midway point, but it was Bute who closed the round in stlye with a few counter right hands to manage a moral victory of sorts for his fans.

PASCAL VS. STEVENSON: This is the next logical big Montreal fight, but Pascal didn’t seem enthusiastic to call out Adonis Stevenson, preferring to praise their comradery based on ethnic ties. It also important to note Stevenson is allegedly in talks to face Andrzej Fonfara next, which means Pascal might have to wait until the summer or possibly take Sergey Kovalev.

BUTE’S NEXT MOVE: If I’m Andre Ward, I’m kicking myself for not taking that Bute fight years ago. Many will say Bute is completely washed up, but that crowd reaction says fans north of the border are still willing to pay good money to see him. If I’m HBO, I put on a triple-header for my next Montreal card with Stevenson and Kovalev in separate bouts, and Bute getting one last chance to salvage his career against another former champion in dire need of a win, Chad Dawson.


MIKE PEREZ STUMBLES: On the undercard, Mike Perez was extremely lucky to walk away with a draw against Carlos Takam, who quite simply bullied and worked him over inside for the second half of their ten-round fight. Early on, Perez was the aggressor in feet only, coming forward but not being able to land many clean shots on Takam, who elected to fight off the backfoot with a low punch output. An accidental butt produced a bad cut on Perez’s left eyebrow in the third, and Takam slowly started to get confidence.

Takam upped his punch output and found massive dividends when he took the fight inside. As the much bigger fighter, Takam was able to muscle Perez to the ropes and sapped his energy with clubbing shots to the body. The judges had it 96-94 Takam and 95-95 twice for the draw. My score was a clear Takam win, 97-93.

Perez dedicated the fight to Magomed Abdusalamov, who Perez beat badly in November and put into a life-threatening coma. Although Abdusalamov is slowly going through the recovery process, it’s not a far-fetched theory to think Perez wasn’t in the best mental state headed into this fight. In addition, Abdusalamov was a massive heavyweight and landed his own heavy leather in that November fight. Considering that it’s barely been three months, the turnaround might have been too quick for Perez.

However you look at it, the one clear thing from this fight is HBO’s eagerness to paint Perez as a threat to Wladimir Klitschko was a complete “prisoner of the moment” stance.


Live from Montreal, watch the weigh-in for tomorrow’s light-heavyweight showdown between Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute. The fighters take the scale at 1 p.m. ET followed by the undercard of Mike Perez vs. Carlos Takam. The HBO card airs Saturday at 10:15 p.m.



Ahead of his WBO light-heavyweight title defense against Ismayl Sillakh this Saturday (November 30), HBO Sports takes a short look at feared puncher Sergey Kovalev and his recent one-sided victory over Nathan Cleverly. The man nicknamed “Krusher” will be a part of a double-header featuring Adonis Stevenson vs. Tony Bellew, airing at 10:15 p.m.