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You can only delay the inevitable for so long. The season 2 premiere of Power, aptly titled “Consequences,” saw the primary players facing the fallout for their season 1 decisions. And most importantly, our protagonist James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) discovered a chilling secret that will drive this year’s remaining episodes.

If surviving a murder attempt in his very own club wasn’t enough, Ghost’s attention is now directed on his mistress/high school love Angela (Lela Loren), who’s now been outed by Tommy (Joseph Sikora), his right hand man, as a federal agent.

“That bitch’s pussy got you stuck on stupid,” says Tommy in disgust.

Indeed, Ghost must feel like an idiot. Angela appears out of nowhere one night in his club and in no time he’s knee-deep between her legs with fantasies about starting a new life. The one area of his life he thought was safe and pure turns out to be just as big a deception as he’s been perpetrating to the public and his family. Not to mention, his wife Tasha reveals she knows about the affair and demands he stop.

Ghost’s two options have their pros and cons. He can cut all contact with Angela, but that leaves him in the dark about the extent of her knowledge on his criminal dealings. He can continue the affair to learn more about Angela’s case, but then he risks causing hothead Tommy to make a stupid move in killing her and bringing the wrath of the federal government.

Speaking of Tommy, anyone else catch the hypocrisy in his criticism of Ghost’s affair with Angela? Tommy’s been just as guilty by revealing the entire operation to his klepto girlfriend Holly.

Love issues aren’t the only big problems in Ghost’s life. His business front, Club Truth, had to be closed for weeks due to the shooting. In that period, rival mogul Simon Stern literally brought the building Ghost was renting out, making Stern his new landlord. Stern smugly lets Ghost know if he doesn’t take him up on his apprentice offer, he’ll have no qualms about evicting him once his current lease ends. That would leave the city’s biggest drug dealer without an outlet to wash his money.

On the street end, Ghost is trying to move his supplier Lobos’ weight among two camps with nothing but disdain for each other: the RSKs and Saldados. The RSKs suspect the latter in the season 1 murder of their leader Rolla, and are equally suspicious of Ghost, the actual killer. The Saldados leader, Ruiz, wants a bigger hand in executive decision that Ghost makes. All camps are unknowingly being manipulated by Kanan (50 Cent), who is now back on the street with sights set on taking over Ghost’s empire.


1. Kanan is none too happy that the hitwoman he hired, the mysterious Pink Sneakers, botched the Ghost shooting at Club Truth. He now sees her as a liability that needs to be silenced. In the meantime, he’s gone about secretly grooming his son Shawn (who just happens to be Ghost’s driver). Wait until Kanan finds out about Tasha’s flirtatious relationship with his son.

2. Speaking of Tasha, she’s continuing her own secret mission of stashing money. Yes, Ghost is starting to involve her more on the decision-making side of the criminal business, but she is still a woman scorned. That makes her moves unpredictable, especially if she finds out Angela is still in the picture.

3. When Holly wakes up out that coma, what will her mindset be?

4. Angela her own problems. Since her star informant Nomar was killed by Tommy in the season 1 finale, Angela has been taken off the Lobos case and assigned to “white-collar” crimes. However, she kept the cell phone of her CI and will be using that to continue her own investigation. How long before the trail takes her past having just having the connect’s street name of “Ghost” to her actual love, Jamie?





HOUSTON, TX — We’re almost at the finish line for the pre-fight promotion surround Canelo Alvarez vs. James Kirkland. The two main fighters held their final press conference yesterday with select quotes to the media. The co-feature bout pits veteran Humberto Soto against Frankie Gomez.



Thank you all for being here. I want to say thank you for all of the support you have been giving me. We have worked very hard to come out with this victory.

It’s very easy to say words, but once we are in the ring, let’s let the fists do the talking.




I have been looking forward to this moment for a long time. We had this fight set up once before but it was canceled due to an injury.

My training camp has been outstanding. Canelo brings a lot to the game; he has a great team backing him. I would like to thank the fans, HBO, and everyone who will be at the fight. Thank you. Team Kirkland!




This is excitement. Originally, I was just passionate about boxing, I was just a fan, but now, to be a part of what could possibly be the biggest fight of the year, that is really exciting.

I want to thank everyone, Golden Boy Promotions, Oscar De La Hoya, Bernard Hopkins, HBO, and everyone working behind the scenes to make this fight happen.

One of my up and coming fighters for SMS Promotions, Ryan Martin, will also be fighting on May 9.

We will definitely get a chance to see some action on May 9 at Minute Maid Park. It’s the perfect place for this fight.





HBO’s 24/7 series takes a look at the May 9 fight between Canelo Alvarez and James Kirkland. The episode details the rise of both fighters and their current training with commentary from Oscar De La Hoya, Ann Wolfe and more.

The fight airs this Saturday at 9 p.m.


Director Antoine Fuqua’s (Training Day) latest film tells the story of light middleweight champion Billy “The Great” Hope (played by Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal). Hope’s life comes crashing down with the tragic death of his wife and losing his daughter to Child Services. Completely broken as a man and fighter, Hope enlists the help of a former boxer in Tick (Forest Whitaker) to guide him back to redemption. The film also stars 50 Cent, Rita Ora and Rachel McAdams.

Watch the official trailer below.

[Video] Power | Season 2: Trailer

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50 Cent’s Power will kick off its second season this summer. Watch the trailer to catch up on what’s happened thus far and what to expect for the upcoming season.


G-Unit drops their first official video since their Summer Jam reunion with “Nah I’m Talking Bout.” Far as visuals, there’s nothing fancy. The most important thing is the crew seems genuinely happy to be back together, so we can at least be assured the music won’t be contrived.


DEERFIELD BEACH, FL — Promoter 50 Cent and former world champion Yuriorkis Gamboa held an open workout today at Iron Mike Productions’ gym for the latter’s June 28 challenge to WBO lightweight titlist Terence Crawford. This will be the biggest test thus far in both men’s lightweight campaigns. After the workout, Gamboa gave some insight into his strategy and future plans should he get by Crawford.

The bout will air on HBO “Boxing After Dark” at 10 p.m. live from Century Link Center in Omaha, Nebraska.



Coming from Cuba, the guys were technical and had size, and I fought them a lot. Me, I’ve perfected my strategy to fighting these type of fighters.

I think this will be a counter-vs-counter match.”

Objective is to get him to the middle range where I can use my speed.

Logic says to carry a little more weight as you get older, so I’m comfortable fighting at this weight.

The training camp is going perfect.

How are you preparing in this training camp?

General conditioning and working on specific objectives as we draw closer to the fight.


Working with Floyd Sr?

We worked on defense and counter punching.  I know I tend to put my hands down and we worked on that.


Strategy vs Crawford

The game plan is to attack from the start, be on the defensive, and develop the fight from there.


Why did you go fight Crawford in his hometown?

At this point, we have nothing to lose. We fight whenever, where ever.



We will have a great fight and I’ll give you the best of me every time I fight.  We will win.


Working with 50?

It’s been two years up to this point it has been a great opportunity.  I’m aware that other promoters have not made it easy for 50 to complete his two bout agreement.


What’s next?

After this fight, sitting with SMS and looking for a fight with Garcia or someone of that stature.




The objective for the fight

The first objective is not only to win the championship, it’s to give SMS Promotions a better advantage.  I feel they have left them [SMS Promotions] on the side and not given them fights because they don’t them to have a champion.


Regarding his career

We have had a great career, of course, nothing is perfect. We have the right to make mistakes like humans but this is a great opportunity to show the people that Gamboa, ‘The Hurricane of Guantanamo’ is here.


His state of fighting activity and inactivity

Are you worried about that going into the ring with Crawford? “I’m not worried about that one bit.  I’m not only active when a fight presents itself.  For me inactivity is when you are not training at all but I’m always training.



Gamboa has been with me from the beginning. I got the opportunity to see his talents early on.  He’s here in Miami training hard and this is going to be a great fight.